Looking at the stars is a great way to have fun at night and connect with your kids.  I asked my astrophysicist professor for recommendations for telescopes.  

He says:

For starting out, the best options are some astronomical binoculars, a stargazing book, and a tripod.  Telescopes are too hard to start using without experience.  They take too long to set up and learn how to operate properly, and most people get sick of them.  Check out this page for a summary of choosing good astronomical binoculars: https://www.space.com/27404-binoculars-buying-guide.html

And see their top recommendations here: https://www.space.com/26021-best-binoculars.html
You'll want to think about your price point, because these things can get expensive fast.  On the other hand, they last forever.  Make sure to account for the binoculars themselves, any tripod adapter needed, and the tripod.  Also note that you'll want to have a comfy place to sit while using them.

I ended up getting these


And for the kids: