A Day at the Beach




Make 3 sets of blue cards to win!


Deal 4 cards to each player (as their hand) and 4 cards face-up as The Ocean.   

The Discard pile is face up next to the deck (reuse if you finish the deck). 


Play goes clockwise.  Each turn, a player picks to do 1 of 3 things (SEA):

  1. Surf and turf: Put top card from the Deck into the Ocean.  Put the next card in Deck into your hand.  “One for the ocean, one for me”.

  2. Exchange a card from your hand with the Ocean

  3. Activate Action (Yellow) Card

Whenever you get a set in your hand, put it down.

The first game, the person most recently at the beach goes first.  After that, the winner goes last.

And most importantly: please enjoy A Day at the Beach!!!


How do I know what’s in a set?

A set is always the same type of card (though Flip gets paired with Flop, and Cone gets paired with Scoop).  It will say on the blue card what is a set and how many are needed to make a set.  

Do I get to choose who to play Shark Attack and Fishing on?

Totally.  You pick an opponent to play it on. 

Can a completed set be taken?


How do I buy another deck?

Click here.

Are you open to licensing the game for wider distribution?

Awesome dude - email me.

What silly sounds should I make while I play?

You could totally talk like a gnarly surfer.  Also, you can say “The Waaaaave” or “Wiiipe Out” in a silly way.  And when using the Pirate, I like to say, “give me yer carrrrrrds”.

Email or tweet me (@standardgames) with any ideas for rules or card improvements!


Press Release:

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