Kill the Kings


Players: 1


Kill All 4 Kings.


Remove the four kings from a standard deck and place them face up on the table, with room beneath them, as below.  Shuffle the remaining cards.


Play begins when you draw the top card from the top of the deck.  You may then place that card beneath a king or place it in reserve.

You have 4 reserve spots which any card can be placed in.  For each king you kill, you gain another additional reserve spot.

In future turns, you can either play a card from reserve, or from the top of the deck.

When a card is played below a king (or the bottom-most card below the king), it must be either opposite color and lower, same suit and lower, or same value as the card above it (aces are low).  Once a card is played below a king, it cannot be moved into Reserve.

You continue to play each round until you go bust, which happens when you have no reserve slots available and attempt to play a card from the top of the deck and cannot.  Note that you can start playing a QC on KC, playing same suit and lower, but then play 10H below the QC, effectively switching to trying to kill the king with 5 below.  Similarly, you could play 10S and then 10C below the 10H to kill the king. The king does not count; i.e. under KC, for same suit, you’d need JC, 8C, 5C, 3C to kill.

Example 1:

In the situation below, you have just drawn the ace of clubs from the deck.

That Ace of clubs can be played at the bottom of any pile; it’s different in color and lower than the 2 middle piles, and it follows suit with the outer piles.

If played beneath the 2H, the king will be killed (since there’s 5 alternating color)!  

Note that the Ace of Spades is in Reserve and CANNOT be played immediately, since a card has been drawn from the deck.  (technically you’d have to place the AC in reserve, and then play AS from the reserve).

However, if played on any of the other piles, the only way to kill the king would be to play 2 aces atop it, since there isn’t any card of lower value.

Example 2:

In the example below, no card has been drawn from the deck.

All four reserve spots are taken, AS, 5D, 2S, 6S.  If you draw a card from the deck and it cannot be played, you go bust and the game is over (even though you can play a card from reserve!)

You can kill the KD by playing AS.  That would create another slot.  The AS could also be played below the 3H (but that’s a bad move).  The 6S cannot be played anywhere right now.  The 2S could be played beneath the 3H or the 2H.    If played beneath the 2H, one more 2 would kill that king.  The 5D could be played below QC or KC. 

For more info, watch the rules video