A Day at the Beach




Make 2 sets of blue cards to win!   It’ll say on each Blue Card how many are in a set.


Give each player a Player Card (1 Surfer).

Deal 6 cards to each player (as their hand, face up is fine for younger players too) and 

10 cards face-up as The Ocean.  

The Discard pile is face up next to the deck (reuse if you finish the deck).  


Play goes clockwise.  Each turn, a player can do one of the following:

*Place your Surfer on a card in the Ocean

*Draw 1 card from the Deck or under your Surfer and then put 1 card in the Ocean

*Play a Yellow Action Card from your hand

Action Card Notes

*Discard means to the Discard Pile

*Take a card means from the Ocean or another player; not from under a Surfer

The person most recently at the beach goes first for the first game.

And most importantly: please enjoy A Day at the Beach!!!


How do I know what’s in a set?

A set is always the same type of card (though Flip gets paired with Flop, and Cone gets paired with Scoop).  It will say on the blue card what is a set and how many are needed to make a set.  Treasure Chest is the only blue card that’s a set by itself.

Can a completed set be taken?

Yes - cards can be taken from a completed set.  

What do I do if someone takes a card from me?

Draw to replenish from the Deck right away.  Your hand should have 6 Cards (not counting the Player Card).

How do I buy another deck?

Click here.

Are you open to licensing the game for wider distribution?

Please email me.

Possible Rules Variations

Agree to any of these prior to the start of the game - otherwise - they’re not the rules unless you say upfront that they are.

  • 1. Some people like to remove the Treasure Chest

Email or tweet me (@standardgames) with any ideas for rules or card improvements!


Press Release:

Official Press Release: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1af_oZjCCYGDlrMyhhbI0eSNXj6BSLboUZDtGJ8kO4tY/pub

TableTop Publication: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/standard-games-releases-a-day-at-the-beach-card-game/


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