Players: 2


Higher total score at the end of 3 rounds wins


The aces are removed from the deck and placed face-up between the two players.  The round begins with 5 cards being dealt to each player. 

The player to go first (alternates between rounds), picks up a card from the deck.

The player can either start a mission in one of the suits, by playing a card on his side of the corresponding ace, or can discard any card atop the Ace of the corresponding suit. 

The next player can either pick up for the deck, or pick any discarded card up from the top of an Ace.

  • Players are only scored in missions which they start.  

  • Mission multipliers (K,Q,J) can be played in any order, but cannot be played in any suit once a numeric card has been played.

  • Numeric cards (2-10) must be played in order of lowest to highest, but gaps are allowed.  You can play (3,6,9,10) in your own mission in that order.

  • Two players can start missions in the same suit

Consider the board below:

In the picture above, if it is your turn, you can either pick up the 6H, 2S or from the deck to begin.  You cannot play the 5H, since you have already played the 7H. 

The current score for hearts is [(2+4+7)-20]*2 = -14 (lucky there's still an 8,9,10 left to get hearts above 0!)  The current score for clubs is (4+9+10)-20 = 3 (See scoring below)

The final turn of the round is when the last card is picked up from the deck (Strategy Note: Players often try to extend games near the end by picking up off an Ace instead of the deck to play high cards).  That player who picks up the last card gets to complete her turn.


Missions/suits which have no cards played under them for a player count for 0 for that player.  For the other missions, the numeric cards are added up.  That sum has 20 subtracted from it.  If there is one multiplier, the subtracted amount is multiplied by 2; 2 multipliers, 3; 3 multipliers, 4.  Each player's score is determined by summing all of the suits.  Note, negative scores in a mission and round are possible.

View the video rules here