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How high can you count? Integer Sequences Train your Brain! How many times is the basketball passed? Rubiks Cube like games Soma blocks

31 Spoons Oh Hell Spades, Hearts Little French Poker Rummy, Gin Rummy !*$hole

Zuma: Shoot to line up the same color Bejeweled: Line up same Jewels Risk (Warfish): Conquer the world Star Control 2: Fight enemy ships Multitask: Do 4 things at once, quick Move the Box: Stay alive, quick Rampart: Build y…

Castle Crashers Halo Titanfall 2

Dr. Mario Wii Sports

My 0.02: Best N64 Games

Mario Golf This is a fantastic game.  The 1-player mode has many fun challenges, the later courses are amazing, and it's a pretty great golf game.  I use Yoshi. Mario Party (1): The first is still my favorite.  I love t…

Super Mario Bros NBA Jam Zelda Super Bomberman UN Squadron Super Contra

Best Android Games Kill the Kings DrawSomething Mismismatch Robo Defense Fruit Ninja Home Run Cut the Rope Extreme Droid Jump Angry Birds Plants vs. Zombies Great Little War Game Androminion Drop7

Carcassone<br> Trainyard<br> Plants vs. Zombies<br> Cut the Rope<br> Backgammon NJ<br> Tiny Heroes<br> Fruit Ninja<br> Angry Birds<br> Temple Run<br> Ice Rage<br&g…

Library: Dominion

Amazing deck building game of strategy. Here's how to play better: Fun Combos Openings Deck Picker Play Online And here's where to buy the sets: And Seaside!

Library: Backgammon

I recommend reading this book first.  When you grok it, you will be able to beat a world champ 1/5 low point matches.  That's amazing, and one of my favorite things about Backgammon.  Then I recommend reading this: And …

Library: Scrabble

Scrabble is a game of making words to score points. Play Online Online Dictionary Good books to learn are: