We started with a team meeting where we introduced ourselves to our new teammates and told a fun fact about ourselves. 

Then Stretching

Drills - Passing

Passing is important because it lets us move the ball quickly around the court (much faster than we could dribble), and promotes teamwork.  We focused on bounce passes and chest passes with our teammates, with and without defense.  We had demonstrated this method:

I started by asking how quickly I could get the ball across the court.  I showed that it's near instant with a pass instead of a dribble.

Drills - Lay up lines

Then we did lay-up lines, starting close enough to the basket with the goal of one dribble and a lay-up. 

We talked about going at "game speed" when we practice, so that we can dribble past someone and shoot in one motion

Longer term, to work on proper form: (no ball required; note that you have to switch the legs on the other side of the hoop)

Water Break - Hydration Nation


Setting a screen:

Backdoor cut

A good backdoor cut can be a powerful offensive move:

Pivoting: (pivoting)


Playing Knockout



Inbound 1 


The first goal is that it's an isolation for (1) to take to the hoop if possible.

If not, (1) stops at the foul line and looks to pass to (5) or (4).  

If there's no pass there:
  4 sets a backscreen for 3
  5 sets a backscreen for 2

To see if either 2 or 3 can get a layup.


Team sets up in a box like this:

Player with the ball either calls for a screen on the ball, or for 4 and 5 to screen down for the other players.