It was a big day - a rocket was going to blast off into outer space.  The Royal family, including Princess Lucia were excited to watch.
But when the King and Queen called the rocket launch site, nobody answered.  “That’s strange”, thought the King.  “I better send my army to investigate”.
And so the Royal Army went to rocket launch site.  But when they got there, they saw there was a force field around it and they couldn’t get in!
The Evil Scientist Professor Polio was laughing at them, “I have a force field!  I’m going to use this rocket and my moon-destructo-ray to blow up the moon”.
The army hurried back to the castle.
Princess Lucia heard the news and came up with a plan.  She crawled through a tunnel in the rocket site and got past the forcefield.
She snuck into where the rocket was, and pulled out the power cord for the rocket.
Professor Polio didn’t notice.  
Launching in “3,2,1…”
And Professor Polio pressed the button.  But nothing happened. 
The force field stopped working too, so Professor Polio ran away.  Princess Lucia was a hero, and returned home to tell her Mommy, Daddy, and little brother all about it.