The was a brave princess who lived in a rainbow castle on the beach.
One day, she notices that the waves stopped moving back and forth.
She walked up to the water and saw that the fish had stopped swimming too.  
She decided to get to the bottom of it and grabbed her row boat and rowed off to a nearby magical island.  When she got there, she found her friend the nice wizard.  He told her that it was probably magic from an evil wizard that made the waves stop.
He had a map of where to go, but couldn’t figure it out.  She took the map and saw where to go and they both got into the boat and rowed there.
Row, row.
Eventually they were there - but the evil wizard was powerful because he had a magic trident.  So the brave princess came up with a plan.  
The good wizard turned himself into a fish wizard and swam around to distract the evil wizard.  Meanwhile the princess went into the ocean and took the trident from the evil wizard.
Once she took it, the waves started again.  Then they helped teach the evil wizard how to swim better.