January 6, 2019

The Double Squeeze

When I'm holding Lulu's or Lincoln's hands, I give them a double squeeze and I say "Double squeeze because I love you".  Fun fact: They now do that to me too :)

January 1, 2019

Baby Gear that's expensive a worth it

Baby Gear isn't cheap. There's lots of expensive stuff you don't need or even want, and more expensive isn't necessarily better. We didn't love the 4 Moms swing. We didn't love the Phil & Ted stroller. We didn't get a baby wipe warmer.

 But here are the things I feel are worth paying up for:

Double BOB Stroller

If you have 2 kids, this pushes like a dream. Great for running, just fits inside many doors. And it still is useful with kids who are almost 4 and 6! My wife says, "The double bob is the best".

Bugaboo Cameleon3

We got this as a gift and loved it.  This and the double bob are the only 2 strollers we still have, years later.

Motorola Baby Monitor

There's a million brands, and most are probably fine.  The main things we loved about this were:
1) Remote tilt, pan, zoom
2) Temperature display

Chicco Infant Car Seat

A solid Car Seat

Crane Humidifiers

These are seriously great humidifiers. 

Junka and Airplane

This is a great game where Mommy is lying on her back and has the kids up on her legs.  She says, "junka, junka, junka junka, junk-a junk-a" and then the game is over.  It can also end with a flip.

An alternate version is called "airplane" where you pretend the child is an airplane.