Newborns in One Page (not medical advice for entertainment only - see a doctor)
  • Always, always support their heads - they don’t have neck control until 3-4 months!!!
Tricks to get your newborn to sleep
  • Bounce on a yoga ball (while holding them) to get them to sleep
  • White noise helps - try a vacuum cleaner (or the recording of one or pink noise)
  • Sometimes they don’t sleep because of gas, in which case:
  • (if nursing) go Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free (Wild by Nature has food)
  • Have them sleep slightly elevated (like in this or this)
Conditions and Treatment:
Stuff to buy:
Child proof and big kid stuff (around month 5-6):
Food (baby-led weaning - also round Month 6)
Additional Reading, if 1 page isn’t enough: Mayo Clinic Book

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