July 13, 2019

Growing Butterflies

You can grow your own butterflies!

It's amazing!  There's a kit (above), and you have to pay like $8 for a cup of caterpillars.  You just wait - and then you see them in cocoon  on the lid of the cup.  You move the lid to the mesh bag, wait 10 days, and voila - butterflies!  They are wonderful and beautiful and we watched one hatch!

Then we set them free into the world, knowing that we raised them up right.

July 2, 2019

Game: The Hug Store

I sat in a chair, with my children standing in front of me, and said:
"Welcome to the Hug Store.  How can I help you"?

They giggled for minutes and lined up to place their order at the Hug Store.

We joke about what kind of hugs we have in stock and available - the best hugs include:
*The big hug
*Medium hug
*The elevated hug
*A bear hug
*An owl hug (for Lincoln)
*Turbo hug (lift in air, run around while hugging)
*20 second oxytocin hug (great for showing love with your spouse!)
*The poopie hug (where i hug and make a fart sound)

Hugs can come with optional accessories, including:

They make up their own hugs.

They took turns working the store.

It was their favorite part of the day, despite only playing for a few minutes :)