Toddlers in One Page (not medical advice for entertainment only)

Hopefully by 1-2 years, you're getting some sleep.  We sleep trained, but trust your own instincts.

Our kids liked still being in sleep sacks.

Once our little one was out of the crib (or it was converted into a toddler bed), morning begins whenever the little one thinks it is, not when you get them from the crib.  The Godsend for us on this, which our kids still have today, is this clock.

When the clock is blue, it's time to go back to bed and stay asleep.  Amazing.

They also liked these nightlights:

They loved this horse
This ballpit

Screen Time
I'm less worried about screen time than most.  At this age, we enjoyed Little Baby Bum on youtube/Netflix, Barney, and The Wiggles.  This is still more songs, less stories.  We also liked "Letter Factory" by Leapfrog.

There's still some time until Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, and Disney Junior.

Remember to enjoy them as much as you can.  You're hopefully sleeping now, and 
they're so much fun at this age.  My favorite thing to do is show them the world that I love, and it's right around when toddler started that I felt I started doing that.  

For more fun, check out my games at (especially "All Star" ones)