We've been learning about seasons and enjoying the fall outside. Here are some of the games which have been a hit: 

1) Catching Leafs 
There's 2 great ways to play: 
a) Stand under where lots of leaves are falling. Try to catch them as they rain down. 
b) Where intermittent leaves are falling, you have to run to it and get close to count as a point. 5 points and you win. Also, if you happen to catch a bird in your hand, that's worth 5 points and an automatic victory. 

2) Art and crafts with leafs 
Drawing a leaf and coloring it is so much fun. As is gluing one to a piece of paper. 

3) Swingset 
We have so much fun on the swingset. One thing I tell my kids is that I am only going to push them a "safe and appropriate" height. But then I push them pretty high :) 

To celebrate Dads who push high, enjoy this shirt:

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Another game we play is that if a leaf hits you while you are swinging, you have to stop swinging and do a silly dance.  Sometimes, we'll even throw the leaves in the air and see if they hit someone on the swing.

I used to sing song to the kids while I pushed them on the swing.  Wheels on the Bus was a favorite.  Then I would tell them that I'm going to push them "To the moon".    Nowadays, they like when I give them Disney quizzes while they swing.  Like, "What's the name of the bad guy in Aladdin?"  Or "What color is the Genie?"

Sometimes we play that they have to catch me and tag me in order to win a superpush on the swing.

I get them swinging sometimes in cute ways - this is either pulling back with a rocket ship countdown; or I will put a hand on their backs and run forward pushing them forward and making a silly sound as I go.

You can also "supertwist" a swing to make it spin in a circle.

4) The kid car
The kids are still having fun with this motorized car to drive around the yard:) 

5) Driveway fun