Maybe this post should have come a hair sooner.

My whole family does at home haircuts now (and has for the past year), and we love it so much, we're not planning to go back in the after times.

Here are some tips that we found helpful:

Step 1) Get good tools

Having the right tools is key.  We use clippers for short styles and scissors for long styles:

Wahl Model 79467 Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit

Shears and Thinning:

Step 2) Train

There's lots of videos on youtube for how to give great haircuts.  

Spend some time wathcing youtube videos for a style you might like, and make sure that the vloggers are doing it to themselves if you're doing it to your own hair.

My wife's favorite is a long bob, and she likes this video:

Step 3) Give yourself grace

The first couple may not work out so great.  That's ok.  Keep trying - it will grow back.