I didn't invent this game, but my kids have been loving it since age 5.

Everyone gets 3 cards in their hand.

Your goal is to maximize your points, but only in a single suit.

So if you have King of Diamonds (10 points), 5 of Diamonds, 7 of clubs, that's 15 points.

Each turn you can draw from the top of the discard or from the deck, and then you discard.

If you get 31 points in 3 cards (which is Ace and 2 10 point cards in a suit) you just say "31" and everyone gets a strike.

Alternatively, instead of taking your turn, you could knock on the table.  Everyone else gets one more turn.  Lowest score gets a strike.

3 strikes and you're out.

Official rules on Pagat.



  1. Also, my kids Lincoln and Lulu came up w/ a great variation. You play with 2 jokers. They're any suit, and worth 12 points!!! It's ok to get over 31 though - you now say "31" with a score of 31 or higher.