This is a fantastic game for the beach - it’s cornhole, with none of the annoying equipment to lug.
Bring these organza bags (5x7 is the right size) to the beach:

And while at the beach your kids will have a blast filling them with sand.  Then tie them up!  Draw a circle in the sand with your feet, and voila - you can play cornhole at the beach, which I am calling “beachbag” (though sandbag is a good name too).  
Each person gets 3 bags.  On the circle is 1 point, in the circle is 3 points.  First to 5.  Like table shuffleboard, it helps to stand on the same side when you toss, so nobody gets sand in their eyes.
My kids were tossing back and forth
Bonus: My daughter Lulu calls the bag her treasure bag, and uses it to hold seashells, shiny rocks, and other treasures from the beach.  
Extra bonus: These bags are biodegradable, so if one blows away, you won’t have harmed the planet


  1. One could also imagine a target that was less buckety, like a folding circle. That’d be important for keeping it very portable (as it is now) I also think that a variation could involve building sandcastles and knocking down flags, ala Rampart.

    I attempted to combine this game with beach pails to throw the bags in, but the kids much preferred circles on the sand (n=2).