There was a royal family who lived in a beautiful rainbow castle on the beach.  One day, the father the King said, 
“I’m going to the store - what should I pick up?”
His wife, the queen, asked for bananas.  
His brave daughter, the princess, asked for blackberries.  
And his son, the young prince, asked for carrots.
The King went to the store, but when he got there he saw - nothing!
The shelves were all empty.  There were no berries, just empty baskets.  
There were no bananas, and no carrots.
And nobody was working at the store.  The king rushed home and told his family what he had seen.
His daughter, the brave princess, said that she saw an evil octopus near the beach the other day.  She grabbed her sword and ran out with her father behind her.
On the beach, they saw a makeshift shop.  “Evil Octopus Store” with a sloppily handwritten sign.  They approached.
“Is there something you’d like to buy” asked the Evil Octopus.
“Yes,” said the brave princess, “We’d like to buy blackberries, bananas, and carrots.  But we won’t be buying them from you since you stole them.”
The octopus was sad.
I thought I’d be a great shopkeeper since I have 8 arms, but I don’t have the money to start my business.  So I took the food from the other store.  I was going to pay them back.
The brave princess explained that stealing was wrong.  The octopus understood.  He helped return the food and then applied for a job at the store.
The Princess and King came home with food for the family.