May 26, 2019

Game: Catch

It seems silly to post about playing catch, but lately we've been having a ton of fun with it.

A few things I found:

1) When starting, a balloon (without a string) is easier to catch than a ball since it is squishier and moves slower.

2) It's easier to catch a bouncing ball than from the air.

3) Soft balls that can be caught with 2 hands are pretty great.

4) Frisbees are hard to catch, though we've had some fun trying with these:

5) And there's always this too:

Game: Stop Maleficient (TM)

In this game, I'm actually Maleficient and I sit on the couch with the coffee table in front of me.

The kids have to throw the balls (we use the red ones from this):

Into the basket:

From behind the edge of the rug.

When they each get all 3 balls in the basket, I am defeated.

Until then, I sit on the couch.

In one variation I try to throw the balls back at them :)

My 0.02: Some Games for Ages 3+

A few other fun games to recommend:

1) Jenga
My 3 yr old can play too, and we have a lot of fun playing with our family!

2) Kerplunk
I used to play this game growing up - it brings me a ton of joy to play with my kids.  They really love it.  "You touch it - you take it!"

3) Hoot Owl Hoot
This is a cooperative 4 player game where you are trying to work as a team to get all the owls back to the nest.  It's candy-land but with a little bit of extra strategy.

May 16, 2019

Making Memories and the holidays

Just a fun article about family memories

My 0.02: Game for 4-7 yr olds: Outfoxed is great

This game is great!  My kids request to play it.  There's dice rolling which is fun, a little bit of strategy, teamwork, and a little bit of logic & problem solving.

Also, the foxes are adorable.

Buy the game by clicking here:

It's a multiplayer, cooperative Clue where you try to find the fox which has stolen the pie!

A quick playthrough which explained the rules in < 3 mins is here:

A Rest Stop for kids

My daughter's class has a great idea of a "rest stop" or a place that kids can go if they are feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

Here are some things at the rest stop which make it extra restful: