Big Bear Battle

Years ago, my friend Joel showed me a video of bears in Canada similar to this:

The bears eat salmon as the salmon jump out of a river.

Some spots are better than others for the bears.  But choice spots may get fought over.

The thought of making this into a game of strategy intrigued me - every turn a bear can either:
1) Move to a better spot / fight for a better spot
2) Try to eat a fish
3) Rest up for a future try / fight

So today while the kids were doing arts and crafts, I was too  :) 

Months ago, I had ordered blank dice and pieces from The Game Crafter

And today I used a label maker to print on the side of the dice.  Each die will have:
1) 2 fish
2) 2 cards
3) 2 dots (for movement)

Inspire by Bunco, Yahtzee and Outfoxed, rolling dice is fun!  As is deciding whether or not to reroll. 

In the next few weeks, I'll try to make a board.  I'm imagining it being something that the bears walk around, and sometimes get bumped back to the start.  But once they're on the good spot, they should try to eat.  Kind of like SenetMario Party, Candy Land, and Hoot Owl Hoot.

I plan to use index cards for the first cards.  I'm imagining that game play is:
1) Roll the dice
2) Play a card
3) Do that action

where lots of cards allow re-rolling 1-3 of the dice.

Spots on the board may also "count" as one of the dice, so that you only need to roll 2 fish on the really good square.

I have yet to figure out how the battle works.  And if there are "jackpots", but I thought it'd be fun to post about a game which is just an idea, and update with any progress if it happens :)

Why the name?

It rolls off the tongue and is fun to say!

Lulu had a bear that she loved, named "Big Bear".

And I had fun once watching Dr. Cube at Kaiju Big Battel and it is a dice game.