The game of Bronco Buster is about as much fun as I've had in a pool.  

It goes without saying that the first thing to be cognizant of in a pool is making sure that kids are safe and ok; fun is priority #2.  Please ensure you're watching your kids, whether playing this game or not, and that you are not playing so rough as to risk injury or God forbid drowning.

The game: my daughter (age 8) would climb onto the float.  (I'll update the post when I find the exact one we used to be the picture on top).  I'd then start the clock and would push down against parts of the float, spin it, pull it, etc.  My goal is to (gently) get her to fall off into the pool - it's like she's riding a bull going crazy in a rodeo.  If she stays on for 20 seconds without falling off, she wins.

We also started the game with her singing a song, "Bronco, bronco, bronco bronco, bronco bronco broncs."  I highly recommend something silly that your child has to do to start the game.  

This game worked great for ages 5-8.

This float looks like it might work too, as it is a ride-on toy with nothing to hold onto:

I count outloud as we go.  At 20 seconds, we celebrate her win.

Shout out to StevenR for then playing a variation in a larger boat with many kids - super fun!  

Other fun games in the pool this week were:

*Sharks and Minnows