Princess Lucia heard a story about a castle that was covered in waterballoons.  She wanted to find it, so she went to the library and got a book with a map that showed how to get there.
Princess Lucia ventured off, following the map, but when she got there, the water balloons were gone.
She asked the fairies who lived in the castle what happened.  They said that an evil night fairy took them all.
Princess Lucia was determined to get the water balloons back.  She asked the fairies where the night fairy lived, and they told her in a cottage in the middle of the woods.
Princess Lucia waited until morning, when the night fairy would be sleeping, to head over.  When she got to the cottage, she didn’t see any water balloons.  She heard the night fairy snoring, so she figured she was asleep.
Princess Lucia quietly opened the door and snuck in to look for the water balloons.  She checked the kitchen - not there.  She checked the living room - not there.  She even quietly checked around the night fairy’s bed, careful not to wake her.
No water balloons!
Then Princess Lucia decided to check the bathroom.  She saw a bathtub full of water and lots of empty water balloons.  She grabbed the empty balloons and brought them back to the castle.
Princess Lucia realized that the Night Fairy must have needed the water to take a bath!
When she got back to the castle, she told the fairies the story.   The cast a magic spell to put water in the Night Fairy’s well, and they magically filled up all their water balloons which magically rolled back to the castle wall.