New words by changing one letter (my best)

Payrents - parents who continue to financially support their children after college

Hempty - Running out of weed

Concurt - To agree quickly when not wanting to fully discuss the matter

Tantoo - Having marking on you because of something lying atop you while tanning

Pandamic - A disease which makes everyone look like Panda bears

Justish - Close enough to a just outcome

Vandamic - A disease which turns everyone into a kickboxer

Traint - the area between two cars on a passenger train.

Sockrifice - to throw out a fine sock when its matching sock is damaged.

Wintercourse - having sex underneath the blankets because it’s cold

Mailstrom - The tidal wave of problems resulting from having your mail stolen; go paperless

Joustice - Getting what you deserve, if you deserve a lance to the chest

Bonuts - spending one’s bonus in a frivolous way

Caveat Hemptor - buyer of weed beware

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Plaxicate (verb) - to ruin one's life through a serious of totally avoidable mistakes (a la Plaxico Burress)

Poopy-trap (noun) - (1) a foul smelling area which one will unknowingly pass through; (2) a foul smelling area between others and the exit to the room; origin: Becky