• 10 days after start of period, she’s most fertile; “White” stuff might come out
  • She should not eat fish with mercury (it’s real bad!)
  • Keep trying (even with a headache); ~10th day (after period starts) is your best bet
  • Pregnancy tests aren’t perfect; if positive, or if negative w/ no period see a doctor
Stuff you need once you she's pregnant
  • Percusis (whooping cough) and Tetanis vaccine
  • Blood type and rh factor test (to tell her doctor)
  • Life Insurance (grow up, man, it’s time)
Pregnancy - 1st Trimester:
  • Get a good ob/gyn who is affiliated with a good hospital; google both
  • It’s tough for her: nausea & fatigue; be supportive (carry puke bags; make few plans)
  • When she’s feeling good, go for it (sex, gym, dinner, etc)
  • Many small meals help prevent morning sickness (and really it’s all-day sickness); keep graham crackers by the bed for her to eat throughout the night
  • Foods for her to not mess around with (bad things could happen to fetus): Sushi, deli meat, anything uncooked or unpasteurized, foie gras, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fish with mercury (swordfish, shark, there’s a ton look it up)
  • Awesome foods (have a variety around, pick up lots, you’ll never know what she’s in the mood for): fruit, mangos, crackers (graham and saltine - keep by bed), frozen juice pops (buy the thing to turn OJ into ice pops in your freezer), rice
  • Important Events:
  • 8 weeks; first sonogram; it’s awesome, go with her
  • 10-12 weeks; nuchal test (<3 MM is good); looking for genetic problems
  • 13 weeks; second trimester starts; should be feeling better
  • Avoid “breaking” the amniotic sack for testing unless the doctor thinks it’s really important and you have other risk factors
Pregnancy - 2nd Trimester:
  • Life starts to go back to normal (or better than normal)
  • If feelin’ ok, she should hit the gym (lightly) now that she’s feeling better.  C-sections suck; and natural birth is a ½ marathon in difficulty; she’s gotta start to get ready
  • Despite feelin’ good again, make sure to watch foods carefully; there are still danger foods, and with her appetite back, you gotta be vigilant.
  • Buy the following to help w/ pregnancy: a full body pillow, the book “A Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy”, yogaball, this cup (keeping fluid up is important!)
Pregnancy - 3rd Trimester:
  • Almost there; she’s gonna get increasingly uncomfortable; tums is great for heartburn; and cut down on the tomato sauce, bob.
  • Buy her a new dress or two.  Go for a pre-natal massage (Edamame).  She’s doing a LOT of work
  • Elevate her feet, give her foot rubs; encourage her to take it easy
  • Take classes: Infant Care, Lamaze, Baby CPR (Bradley Breathing is great!)
  • Get pediatrician, night nurse and lactation consultant lined up now
  • Buy stuff to get ready for baby (some good stuff is here)
  • To install the car seat
  • You’re her coach, best friend, and advocate.  Do all with a passion.  Every other advocate is going to be advocating the hardest they have in their life.
  • Pitocin speeds up labor, epidural stops pain but slows it down.
  • Bradley breathing helped us
  • Cut the cord - it’s awesome
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