June 23, 2019

My 0.02: Arboretum

Overall: Solid game with 4 players. 

Design: The cards are beautiful, but a couple of the types of trees are tough to tell apart, especially with how shiny the cards are.

Rules Caveat: You can only score for trees that are in your Arboretum - you don't get points for anything not in front of you.

Review: It's a game of light strategy where you collect cards and play them in a path in front of you to score points.  The coolest dynamic of this game is that each turn you draw 2 cards, and have to discard one (which others can pick up) and play one (in front of you).  There's a tension between what to keep and what to play.

June 21, 2019

Dispute Resolution

There's lot of times when 2 kids each want to go first to brush teeth, take a bath, get a cookie, etc. Having a method for resolving those disputes is key - here are my favorite: 1) Flip a coin. (google will do this on the phone) 2) Rock, Paper, Scissors

Game: Apple-Pencil Game

I played this in high school at my lunch table. Someone holds the pencil, point up. Another person has an apple. Fujis work well. The person with the apple attempts to lob the apple into the air such that it lands on the pencil and sticks. If they succeed, they win, and the pencil-holder eats the apple (but not of course the pencil). If they fail, the pencil-holder hands the pencil to someone else and play continues until there is a winner.

Game: Sock Toss

Don't just put your socks in a drawer. Roll each pair into a ball, and take turns throwing them in the drawer from 5 feet away. It turns laundry into an Olympic event of fun and excitement! Alternate turns. Most in wins. Usually it's one miss loses. Step 1: Open the drawer Step 2: Get the socks Step 3: Sock Toss For extra challenge, close the drawer slightly :)